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    To the new 2017-18 Season

    Ice Schedule

    Stony Plain Minor Hockey Association

    Glenna Wagner - Administrator

    Team Pictures Schedule

    Novice 4B October 16 6:00pm
    Atom 3 October 16 6:20pm
    Bantam 2 October 16 6:40pm
    Peewee 3 October 16 7:00pm
    Atom 4A October 16 7:20pm
    Atom 4B October 16 7:40pm
    Atom 2 October 16 8:00pm
    Peewee 2 October 16 8:20pm
    Bantam 3 October 16 8:40pm
    Novice 4A October 19 7:00pm
    Novice 2 October 19 7:20pm
    Atom 1 October 19 7:40pm
    Novice 3A October 19 8:00pm
    Novice 3B October 19 8:20pm
    Bantam 1 October 19 8:40pm
    Initiation 3A October 23 5:00pm
    Initiation 3B October 23 5:30pm
    Initiation 2A October 23 6:00pm
    Initiation 2B October 23 6:30pm
    Initiation 1A October 23 7:00pm
    Initiation 1B October 23 7:30pm
    Novice 1 October 23 8:00pm
    Peewee 4A October 23 8:20pm
    Peewee 4B October 23 8:40pm
    Peewee1 October 23 9:00pm


          2017 - 2018
      Jun-01   2017-18 Registration Opens
      Jul-01   Late Registration Fee Applies for Returning Players
      Jul-01   Coach Application Notification
      Aug-20   Peewee AA ID Camp - Glenn Hall
      Sep-01   Bantam AAA Tryouts start, team by Sep 18
      Sep-04   Peewee AA Tryouts start, team by Sep 11
      Sep-05   Bantam AA Tryouts start, team by Sep 26
      Sep-05   Tiered Coach Interviews start, ccomplete by Sep 12
      Sep-11   Parent Information meeting - Family Connection Center
      Sep-12   Checking clinic - MANDATORY FOR 1ST YEAR BANTAMS
      Sep-13   Novice Evaluations start
      Sep-14   Goalie Evaluations start
      Sep-16   Evaluations start Atom - Peewee
      Sep-21   Evaluations start Bantam
      Sep-24   Evaluations Complete Novice - Bantam
      Sep-24   Initiation Non-Eval Skate
      Sep-25   Teams and Coaches Finalized  Novice - Bantam
      Sep-26   Practices start
      Sep-29   Coach Season Planning - MANDATORY
      Sep-30   Referee Clinic - Level 1 and 2
      Oct-01   Initiation Evaluations
      Oct-03   Atom/Peewee/ Bantam  Coach/Manager Meeting 
      Oct-05   Initiation/ Novice Coach/Manager Meeting
      Oct-05   Coach 2 Clinic
      Oct-10   Checking Skills Clinic
      Oct-12   Coach 1 Clinic
      Oct-16   Pictures ( Teams and times TBA )
      Oct-19   Pictures ( Teams and times TBA )
      Oct-23   Pictures ( Teams and times TBA )
      Oct-23   Instructional Stream - Puck Skills
      Nov-06   Instructional Stream - Goaltending
      Nov-25   Referee Clinic - Level 1 and 2
      Dec-01   Glenn Hall Novice Tournament   Dec 1 -3
      Dec-04   Instructional Stream - Skating
      Dec-10   Affiliation Deadline
      Dec-15   Mid-Season Coach Evaluation
      Jan-10   Hockey Alberta Player Movement Deadline
      Feb-24   SPMHA Fundraiser Dance - No travel permits issued
      Feb-25   League Regular season ends
      Feb-26   Playoffs Begin
      Mar-25   Playoffs End
      Apr-18   SPMHA AGM

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