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For every player registered, you are required to submit TWO NON -DATED cheques of $300 each and required to work TWO mandatory volunteer shifts which can be booked through the ivolunteer system. One shift is to be worked during the week, and one on the weekend (Friday-Sunday). 

Cheques will be collected at the first evaluation skate. If you do not have access to cheques, please contact the office to make alternate arrangements.

You must be present for the full shift for it to count towards your requirement. If you miss or do not show for any part of your shift, your shift deposit will be processed. 

Mandatory volunteer shifts can consist of the following:

  • Concession
  • Edmonton Minor Hockey Week
  • SPMHA Tournament

Other options may be offered throughout the year to help complete your mandatory volunteer shift requirements.

The Head Coach of a team will be exempt from completing the mandatory shift requirement for the current season. If you are applying for a Head Coach position, please do not sign up to work until the position has been confirmed.


December 31st -All members must have their mandatory volunteer shift requirements completed or booked through the ivolunteer system.

January 31st - Shift deposits will be processed for EACH outstanding shift that has not been worked or booked.  

If the deposit(s) result in insufficient or invalid funds,  a $35 processing fee will be issued per commitment processed and the full shift deposit PLUS the processing charge must be paid within 10 business days.

If payment is not received within 10 business days, the charge will be added to your child's registration account

Members are considered not in good standing if they have outstanding fees to the association, at which time players will be removed from any further team activities/events until their account is brought into good standings (outstanding fees paid).