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Registration and Refund Policy

Please Note:

The refund policy on this page is reflective of a normal season and not one related to Covid-19.

We would like to reassure you that In the event of a disrupted season due to Covid-19, we would not charge for a season or portion of a season that doesn’t exist. As a non-profit association, refunds would be addressed accordingly. 

Should you have concerns related to the Public Health requirements for Minor Hockey and Covid-19, you can request a refund prior to the start of evaluations by contacting the registration coordinator. Your registration fee (less the transaction fee charged to SPMHA when you registered) will be refunded. 



15.1 The Association shall provide for membership on the basis of registering one or more children in the hockey program.  Formal fees administered by the Association are general in nature and categorized into three areas, namely, general registration fees, special program fees, rep fees and league surcharges. The Association endorses in principle that the responsibility for financial planning rests entirely with the family unit, but also recognizes certain family circumstances may exist that can produce undue financial hardship.  Such hardship can be alleviated by the co-operation of a number of community organizations and agencies. 

15.2 All players must be registered with SPMHA and, according to the registrar, provided payment or a payment plan before participating in any on-ice activity. 

15.3 General registration fees, special program fees, withdrawal fees and league surcharges will be established annually, including any late payment penalties. 

15.4 In general, payment of the full registration fee is expected at the time of registration. 

15.5 The Registrar may, at their discretion, accept a registration without full payment of fees where extenuating circumstances prevail and a payment plan is defined.  Such a plan will require input from and consensus with the Treasurer and Director of Operations and be finalized in writing.

15.6 A family revoking a payment plan shall have all registrations declared immediately null and void.  Late fees will be in effect, if applicable. 

15.7 SPMHA will only consider Hardship Applications from those applicants who have completed an application with Kid Sport.  If Kid Sport determines an applicant has genuine financial hardship, SPMHA will contribute to 50% of the balance of registration fees not contributed to by Kid Sport. All Hardship Applications must be received by the Registrar of SPMHA prior to August 15 (Sept 1) of the current season. The maximum allocation of fees to be contributed by SPMHA in any season shall be $3,000.00 which funds shall be distributed amongst all eligible applicants. 

15.8 Payment plans: 

a) Shall be approved by the Registrar, Director of Operations and Treasurer

b) Shall be in writing; 

c) Shall be supported by postdated cheques at the time of registration; 

d) Shall be immediately suspended if a payment is annulled; 

e) Shall have last installment payment paid by September 1st of the current hockey season. 

15.9 NSF Cheques: 

The NSF fee for a returned cheque is $25.00.  On receipt of a NSF cheque, the Registrar has the option to do the following: 

a) Attempt, through any reasonable means possible, to collect the funds owing, inclusive of establishing a payment plan; or 

b) Revoke the registration. 

15.10 Refund of Fees: 

Refunds for players withdrawing from the program will be paid, upon written application to the Registrar, on a pro-rated basis as determined by the Executive Board of Directors as follows: 

a) Players suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible for a refund of fees; 

b) Registrar and Treasurer jointly are charged with the responsibility of using reasonable discretion with respect to portioned months (i.e. refund request received January 13th for a player injured December 3rd, and now known to be unable to return before he season end. Refund will then be based on participation for the months of October and November only – that is a 30% reduction); 

c) A processing fee will be charged, even if the registrant is withdrawn prior to evaluations.

15.11 Return of Jersey Fees:

There will be no charge levied for the return of jerseys or SPMHA equipment if returned in good condition.  The Equipment Delegate shall be responsible for determining the condition of returned jerseys and SPMHA equipment. 

15.12 Release due to Division Size:

In the event that any Player or Goalie needs to be released due to division sizes, they will be done in reverse order of registration.